EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Transformative Sessions info

It is very exciting to work with people who are eager to make a commitment to themselves, to prioritize their own healing, who are ready to accept experienced guidance and support, to finally release lingering emotional and physical effects from their painful pasts.

Because I have often received feedback from folks who purchased packages from me that there were glad that they did because it kept them coming back and if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have experienced the profound relief and big aha’s that they did, I now only work with people who are willing to commit to themselves and to doing this work together. I currently offer 5 and 10 session packages as well as personally designed intensive retreats. If you wish to continue our work together at the end of a package, I then offer a single session or sessions option.

As the ever increasing number of people who have written and video tapped “success stories” attest, it is possible to relieve the effects of what, and who, hurt us in the past have had on our lives, up until now! If you are ready to be in the Now, to risk believing that it IS VERY POSSIBLE to feel better, quickly, a regularly scheduled appointment is encouraged. The more frequently we meet, the more exponential the results, giving you less time to slip back into habitual mindsets between sessions. The content of each session builds on the others, creating a cumulative effect/result.

While resolving a particular issue can take us down many roads , or “aspects” in EFT lingo, often they will lead us to core experiences where our limiting beliefs got instilled.. One of the interesting effects of EFT happens when we work on an early experience it often unravels others from a later time, that initially seem unconnected.

During our Introductory Session Clients we co-create a wishlist of painful events that you would like to resolve and a vision of where you would like to be in your life.

At the beginning of each subsequent session, you decide whether to tap on whatever is up for you that day, or something from the list. (While I provide guidance and expertise, all sessions are client led. We work on what you want to work on. We use your words and if what I say doesn’t fit, or resonate, I encourage you to tell me so we can change it to words that do work for you). Usually we will start with a current day concern, and move to focus on an earlier incident, (with some similarities to the present problem). EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other energy medicine and energy psychology techniques often find that focusing attention on the past releases whatever set up the feeling/limiting belief that has persisted to the present. One of the many interestingly things about EFT is that it is not always necessary to actually tap on a certain memory, for it to release that memory, and the present day trigger too. In other words, working on past wounds, not only releases them but frequently releases the sting of the issue you started the session wanting to work.
There are several options for quickly releasing anxiety, stress and sadness and becoming more relaxed, feel lighter and happier with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting:

I offer a 10 session package for $925
and a 5 session package for $475.

Also available is a personalized weekend, or a one week exclusive series of unlimited sessions, all devoted to you and your healing, to take place in the privacy of your own home, in the privacy of my home office, by Skype or in the location of your choice. Contact me for to reserve your dates today!

Regular clients receive the following bonuses between sessions:

  • Unlimited email contact with and from me should you feel the need.
  • Mini sessions to get the intensity of strong emotions down to a more manageable level.
    – Usually 10 or 15 minutes will be sufficient to notice considerable relief.

If you are local to Vancouver Island, you have access to my substantial self help library (if not and you want to pay return postage, that is also a possibility).