Are you ready to consider the possibility

that there IS A CHANCE you can...

image2993Transform your relationship 
with your past, releasing 
repetitious painful memories
image2993End multi-generational cycles of
trauma, abuse, neglect and
self-sabotaging behaviors
image2993Learn how to forgive yourself,
those who hurt you, and
those who hurt them
image2993Leave your adverse childhood 
behind - in the past, 
where it belongs
image2993Release anxiety,
stress, grief, anger, 
fear and trauma 
image2993Believe that YOU ARE worth 
devoting some time and 
effort to healing YOU 

... then you are in the right place!

  • Are you sick of anxiety, grief & guilt running your life? 
  • Has your unhappy childhood kept you trapped in codependent, difficult relationships at home, and/or at work?
  • Are you 'sheepwalking' through your stressful life? 
  • Did you spend your childhood feeling unloved, unprotected or unsupported?  
  • Were you traumatized, abused or abandoned? Were your parents drug dependent, ill or absent?
  • Do you wish you could make move forward towards a more satisfying, happier life, but don't know how, or where to begin? 

Do you wish you could make a move forward towards a more satisfying

happier life, but don't know how, or where to begin?  

It IS possible to move past your childhood wounds. 

Feedback from Clients/Recipients

" Alice is an amazing professional. EFT works and I will keep coming back."

Danielle Lambrecht

Company : Counselling Services, Comox, BC

I started angry and nervous and other stuff that I am not going to mention here. And now my breathing is deeper, I feel grounded and have a big smile on my face. Thank you Alice for being so intuitive, for hearing stuff I didn't even say and for guiding me to this peaceful moment. We share a sense of humor that brings light to the secessions. When working with you I feel received, supported and firmly guided. Great session, thank you.

Marina Katarina Grgić

Company : Zagreb, Croatia

"Need help sorting through life's ups and downs? Alice Grange is an amazing practitioner who will help you navigate using a fascinating method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (better known as EFTor tapping). She's a great listener who can get right to the bottom of the issues.  No need to be in her geographic neighborhood as it's possible to work via Skype. Can't say enough about how good Alice is at what she does."

Julie Heller Varon

Company : Realtor, Mercer Island, Washington, USA

"In my treatment with Alice I felt safe and comfortable to express what needed to clear for me at the time. There was a visible after effect from the session that continued well into the following days, supporting a reaffirmed optimistic view on my life options.  I find Alice to be a generous and genuine teacher who helped me shift from the funk I was in. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Alice to anyone who's open to new empowering techniques for self-healing."

Shailagh Healy

Company : Musician, Arborist, Ireland,

I am grateful for Alice’s presence and experience. Her ability to create a safe place and intuitively get to the core issues helped me to release some important cords with childhood traumas. I also enjoyed her generous and humorous spirit. The efficiency of the EFT in Alice’s way was a pure blessing on my journey. Forever grateful.

Amara Joy

Company : Comox Valley, BC

Alice Grange! You are warmth in human form. It didn’t matter that I was sitting oceans away from her with two computer screens and three time zones between us: I felt like I was in the care of a gentle, guiding and warm soul, and our session was like a hot knife through butter. Smooth! I felt a lot of relief, and I think I can safely say that I was reborn after my session with Alice – anyone who wants to find a fairy godmother should look no further than Alice!

Kirthi Jayakumar

Company : Chennai, India

Doing sessions with Alice, she always makes it clear what my triggers are and what to do with them in a safe way. Even though my issue of low self esteem is huge and goes back several generations on my mother’s side – Alice managed to get me to the point where I see what triggers it, and even more important that I don’t have to hold on to this self destructive pattern of mine any more. Alice is very empathetic and has a great sense of humor, so thank you for your great support. I’m so grateful.

Annette Nielsen

Company : (EFT Practitioner) Denmark

Thank you again for the session as it seems to have been the last block to pure freedom, love and innocence in any way. Congratulations and kudos to you for helping others so wonderfully.

Jack Miller

Company : Courtenay, BC

My sessions with Alice helped me overcome old paradigms that prevented me from enjoying life to its fullest. She is extremely skillful and intuitive; with each tapping session I was always amazed at her ability to get to the heart of my issues so quickly. Alice’s humour sprinkled into the sessions helped lighten me up which made the challenging issues easier to overcome. She cultivated an environment that was warm, compassionate, and most importantly for anyone who has been traumatized – safe.


Company : Toronto, ON

Would you like to learn how to quickly and easily heal: 

♥ Old wounds

♥ Deal with anxiety

♥ get stress relief

♥ end self-sabotaging behaviors

♥ set healthy boundaries

♥ learn how to manage your anger

♥ become more relaxed, supportive & nurturing ....

   towards your self & others?

Learn how to relieve anxiety & get fast stress relief with EFT Tapping!

What is EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

Emotional Freedom Techique

Emotional Freedom Technique is the process of bringing subconscious thought and emotions, to your conscious mind and using acupressure points to clear trauma, emotion or emotional blocks (self-limiting beliefs) from your body's bioenergy system. This reduces anxiety and helps to restore your mind and body's balance.  Tapping on these pressure points reduces anxiety in your body, so you can calmly focus on the issues without the fight or flight response overwhelming you.  Learn more . . .

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a powerfula nd gentle technique that helps to reframe and release traumatic events from the past.  As a fan of Star Trek, I refer to MR as "EFT at warp speed, on steroids - without the side effects!"  Matrix Reimprinting is also incredibly effective at relieving emotional or physical issues, AND it can also help you MANIFEST your Goals and Dreams.

In Matrix Reimprinting, past negative memories and stressful situations are seen as being held as stuck pictures in yoru body's 'energy field'.  By tapping on these feelings you felt when you were younger, AT THE TIME of the stressful event and by noticing the limiting beliefs your younger self took on as a result, you can replace olf self destructive habitual beliefs and actions with new, more positive pictures and more affirmative beliefs.  Learn more  . . .

Working with Alice

Working collaboratively, I encourage tappers to follow the clues & solve the mystery of where your fears, shame and disempowering judgments originated. With EFT you can learn how to release and reframe negative memories & learn to treat yourself with compassion & respect!

The majority of recipients were stressed and depressed people, whose parents were wounded - by their parents (or other caregivers). This inter-generational cycle of abuse, leaves people unprepared to provide their own children with the nurturing environment that ALL children CRAVE & DESERVE. 

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques & Matrix Reimprinting,  (among other modalities in her tool box), Alice & her clients/recipients collaborate, to quickly identify what has been holding you back and then transform the childhood wounds and limiting beliefs, that are preventing them from having healthy relationships, happy lives & fulfilling careers.

You are the Leader. Alice is the Guide.

We go where you want to go, when you are ready to go there.

TAP HAPPY! It is possible to eliminate the energetic hold adverse childhood experiences have had on you. If you are now ready to make YOUR healing a priority, you are ready to learn to use EFT.  

My experience, training and intuition assists people to get to the bottom of their limiting beliefs, ("I'm not good enough" or "I'm not worthy of"...); supporting them to become self-empowered, while helping them take steps towards healthier and happier life choices.

Recipients frequently report how much fun they had and how much lighter and more confident they feel afterwards!


Invest in your own healing journey, make an appointment today!

I INVITE YOU to a complimentary 20 minute

'getting to know each other' phone or skype session.

Let's Get to Work!


Introductory sessions (available in person, via the internet, or by telephone) are $75 and come with a satisfaction guarantee! Please allow for 2 hours to answer all your questions, to determine what you want to change and where you want to go, and then to have sufficient time to experience the power of an EFT/MR session.

You will be amazed at the results. YOU ARE WORTH IT! 


Contact me for details and times available.


Looking for an EXCLUSIVE, Personalized Transformational Tapping Trip?

This amazing weekend, week or 10 days away, with One on One EFT and MR tapping work with me,  

is designed to move you quickly from where you are, to where YOU WANT TO BE!

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You DO deserve it!

How EFT can benefit YOU!

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, aka Meridian Tapping and is a surprisingly quick and effective Energy Psychology practice. EFT helps to release and resolve the negative energetic charges we hold in our hearts, minds and bodies...

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