When parents die




Have your parent(s) passed on, either abruptly, from an accident, heart attack, or suicide… or slowly, as a result of a lengthy illness? Are you dealing with grief due to the loss?

Are you in a fight with other family members over your parent’s estate?

Do you feel guilty about feeling relieved, now that the ordeal is finally over?

“In two sessions I went from feeling that it was too painful and risky to allow myself to feel the sadness, pain and anger, … to feeling that I don’t need to feel afraid. I can feel my feelings without imploding! I can afford to take the time I need to cry, mourn and heal… I now trust that I am not going to get totally lost in the pain!”

Are there important things you wish you had said, or done, and now it’s too late?

Was your relationship with your parents abusive, leaving you with emotional baggage that you don’t know how to unpack?

If any of this rings true for you –
there is reason to Hope for Healing!


 You’re not alone

After long drawn out illnesses, my parents finally died within a year and a half of each other; Dad at 86 from multiple strokes & Mom, (who had been ill all of my life: physically and emotionally), at 75 from lung cancer. I was left feeling bereft, numb, alone, angry, abandoned, unworthy, overwhelmed and exhausted: an emotional basket case! The good news is, with help, I have become much more emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy than ever before. Having learned a great deal about effective, fast and efficient healing methods, particularly in the last few years, I now know healing is possible. I now guide and teach others the same wonderful new skill I learned so that you too can heal, help yourself and your loved ones!

Using Tapping aka EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, (among other modalities: see my bio), I help clients to release their painful feelings, (regrets, guilt, shame, stress…), limiting beliefs & unhappy memories, & learn skills to help become happier, more peaceful, resolved: feeling fully alive, healthy, energized and excited about the future!

You too can leave the past behind,
learn to love & live your life fully!

“I was feeling angry, frustrated and pissed off about a relationship in my life. By the end of it I had had an ‘AHA!’ moment about a lesson, learned in childhood, from my parent’s relationship and how it has affected my relationships with men, and my son. I now feel really good about myself, more centred and balanced, with an inner glow and strength. Throughout I kept feeling lighter and lighter and my shoulders don’t feel so heavy. They are looser. I feel like there’s no anger or frustration left in me. It’s gone. And it was fun!”

(See my Success Stories page for more examples of folks who have traded their grief for joy and peace, who are no longer feeling stuck in the past. With guidance they’ve learned to forgive themselves & others, to stop beating themselves up,and are actively creating  much happier and fulfilled new lives for themselves).

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