Abuse, Trauma & PTSD

While PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that is most commonly associated with war veterans, the term applies to any chronic anxiety that people experience after “seeing or living through a dangerous event.”  This can include people who were sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused as children as well as survivors of war and genocide. It can also cover a wide spectrum of situations: everything from major illnesses, family violence, car accidents and school shootings. It needn’t have actually happened to you, merely witnessing a dangerous event can result in PTSD.

Sad and worried old womanYou can suspect that you have PTSD if you frequently find yourself relieving the past, whether through the stressful recurrence of upsetting memories about the event or series of events, or through nightmares that relate to what happened. If you are jumpy or get anxious when you hear a loud noise, or are watching violence on TV, chances are that you are a survivor of unresolved trauma.

Frequently people have flashbacks or recurrent upsetting thoughts that feel real, where it seems as if the traumatic events from the past are happening now. Trauma is processed and stored differently in the brain than the way that regular experiences are stored. The sounds, smells, sights, tastes and feel of things are all given high priority in the mind and are remembered as Depressed little girl hugging teddy bearsomething threatening. This is why we get triggered when ever something reminds us of our traumas. It could be the way someone dresses that is very like our abuser, or the tone of their voice, or a certain smell, or the taste of a particular food… that sends us back into the fearful feelings first experienced during the original stressful events. When this happens we often feel threatened, (even if we are not actually in any current danger), and resort into the fight or flight part of our brain where our capacity to think clearly can escape us.

As a result many people with PTSD will do everything they can to avoid putting themselves in situations that remind them of what happened in the past. For example, several of my clients who were in car accidents avoided car trips whenever possible. Others who were abused, became detached and stayed away from forming intimate relationships. Unfortunately, these avoidance behaviours can be severely limiting and prevent us from realizing our true potential and living our lives to the fullest.

The good news is that, with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting it is possible to release, relieve and reframe these difficult emotions and painful events from our past. Doing so allows us to live in the present, to create new lives for ourselves, unencumbered by our memories.

‘My sessions with Alice helped me overcome old paradigms that prevented me from enjoying life to its fullest. She is extremely skillful and intuitive; with each tapping session I was always amazed at her ability to get to the heart of my issues so quickly. Alice’s humour sprinkled into the sessions helped lighten me up which made the challenging issues easier to overcome. She cultivated an environment that was warm, compassionate, and most importantly for anyone who has been traumatized – safe. I highly recommend Alice to anyone who wants to heal.’

Visheka, Toronto, ON

One of my teachers, Dr. Dawson Church, has done extensive research on the efficacy of EFT through the Veterans Stress Project in the US. In one randomized controlled trial, the results of which were  published in the Feb. 1, 2013 edition of the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, veterans suffering with PTSD were split into two groups: one that went through therapy in addition to six sessions of EFT coaching, and another that received traditional therapy alone. At the end of the study, 90 percent of those that used EFT no longer exhibited symptoms of PTSD, while only 4 percent of those in the other group experienced any significant relief from the disorder!

See http://www.eftuniverse.com/research-studies/research#ptsd for more studies about how EFT has helped folks with PTSD symptoms including prevalent feelings of shame, fear, guilt or anger, memory loss, feeling estranged from others, feeling on guard and alert fearing that something bad is just about to happen, feeling helpless or hopeless, persistent anxiety, sleeping problems, sexual dysfunction, difficulty concentrating or feeling numb and unable to trust, recognize or feel joy, happiness and appreciation.

‘I am grateful for Alice’s presence and experience. Her ability to create a safe place and intuitively get to the core issues helped me to release some important cords with childhood traumas. I also enjoyed her generous and humorous spirit. The efficiency of the EFT in Alice’s way was a pure blessing on my journey. Forever grateful.’

Amara Joy, Comox Valley, BC

‘Alice really gets to the heart of the issue. For those of you struggling with emotional trauma, that are having difficulty processing on your own, she does an amazing job. Alice, with her experience and expertise, is excellent at recognizing the underlying root of the issue, and bringing it out. She is very competent at delving deeper when there is more to explore about a particular topic. Additionally, Alice is very caring and compassionate, and incredibly patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone who is ready to really start processing both the surface and the deeper issues that are interfering in their life.’

Dawn Stein, Cedarpines Park, CA

If you too would like a hand to give you support, expertise and encouragement to get to the heart of your core issues, remove your limiting beliefs and release your emotional traumas please contact me today and make an appointment to begin your healing journey. YOU ARE Worth It and Healing is Possible!